James J. Meyers

As an extension of T&C LLC, James is the Chief Development Officer of iTV Media where he oversees development, programming and operations of IPTV multiscreen services in Thailand, China and North America as well as market development in Japan, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and a number of other markets.

James Meyers is also Chief Executive Officer of AlphaMEDIA, an entertainment media company. As CEO, James is responsible for setting corporate strategy, forging new alliances within the entertainment and investment communities, and leading overall operations. AlphaMEDIA is a multi-faceted media company with US sales and distribution operations, international sales and distribution operations, cable and IP television assets, plus international production operations. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with facilities in Beijing and Mexico City

James is a 25 plus year veteran of the international entertainment, media and telecommunication industries, having launched and operated such businesses globally. Before launching AlphaMEDIA, James was CEO of Cinema Entertainment/Scene TV, the interactive television channel producer. Previously, James was President and United States Resident Officer at DIRECTV International where he was responsible for overseeing all aspects of investment and development for satellite-based, digital pay television in Japan and 25 Latin American countries. In addition, he oversaw DIRECTV’s expansion efforts in Asia, Greater China, plus Western and Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, James held the positions of Senior Vice President of Programming and Business Development for DIRECTV Japan, CTO DIRECTV Japan and Vice President of Broadband New Ventures for DIRECTV. James also oversaw key aspects of the DIRECTV investment in satellite based XM Radio.  In addition to his expertise in media and media platforms, James played critical executive level roles in developing satellite based mobile telephone services for Hughes Communications, Inc.

James obtained an EBA from University of Southern California and Corporate Board Certification from University of California Los Angeles. James earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. Furthermore, he is an active member of several company boards including triple play provider Choice Broadband, DVD/Blu-ray/game producer/interactive agency The Cannery, programming and TV channel producer Extreme Sports Entertainment, and Interactive TV enabler LezurTV Inc. brazilian hair bundles

James Meyers, a global media expert and pioneer, is founder and CEO of T&C LLC where James leads financial and operational development and due diligence for media markets and media platforms.  T&C LLC provides advising, due diligence, and trend-spotting for US and international I-banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, corporations and early stage companies. Concentrating on Media, Technology, & Convergence, T&C LLC understands industry drivers, major players, the competitive media/technology landscape, and critical industry context to provide high-value due diligence as well as operational development for mature and emerging markets. brazilian hair uk





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