D5, Alpha Media’s animation studio, produces cutting-edge animation rivaling that of its US and European counterparts. Comprised of over 300 employees, our experienced creative and design teams employ such software as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Soft Max, and other high-end computer graphics to construct stunning 2-D and 3-D animation and images. The result: thoroughly innovative films and television programs with the ability to adapt to the specifications and desires of diverse audiences worldwide.

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Penguin Islanders

provides entertainment combined with positive themes of cooperation and friendship. On this legendary island, encompassing all four seasons with captivating beauty, live a group of endearing, curious penguins. Under the guidance of their wise grandfather, this unique penguin civilization spend heir days getting miked up in a variety of adventures and learning valuable lessons in the process.

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Kitchen Godfather

aka. Noodle Stories is an animated series that brings the audience to the kingdom where food like buns, noodles, pastas and dim sums are alive. like humans, they have feelings and friendships. They battle for power, and they have revenges. Let the Kitchen Godfather expose you to this new world and to the stories that have never been told before with their amazing entertaining adventures

AK Comics

is an animated series based on the successful publication ‘AK Comics’ - Middle East Heroes’. The story presents four superheroes - Zein, Jalila, Rakan and Aya - who fight for peace and justice in a dangerous world. ‘AK Comic’ has already become a part of many kids’ imaginary worlds and their adventures help us create a much more optimistic picture of tomorrow. lace wigs uk

Sho Cai Bao Bao

is a kid’s animated series that takes the audience through entertaining adventures in a world where vegetables sing and talk! meet the vegetable family members in the most fantastic and incredible stories, which expose ‘real’ life through an original point of view. Tradition, entertainment and education come together in this exciting brand new series that is perfect for the whole family. lace front wigs uk







Copyright 2011 - Vendetta Dezign  –– All Rights Reserved

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